DESTINY Revealed!

​Today, I can finally, officially announce what I’ve been doing for the past year up in Seattle. Yep, I’m co-writing Destiny, Bungie’s incredibly ambitious new shared world, first person shooter franchise with a 10-year story to tell.

I feel incredibly lucky that my journey as a video game writer over the past few years has taken me to such an incredible place. A true dream job.

Variety got how I feel about Destiny just about right when they called it: “Mythical science fiction with time traveling robots, magic-wielding warlocks wearing exotic capes, warrior rhinos, spider pirates and evil space zombies.”

Then also wrote, helpfully: “Destiny essentially takes elements that worked for Halo,Mass Effect, Journey, World of Warcraft and Borderlands, and combines them into one game that Activision and Bungie hope will entice gamers to devote the next 10 years of their lives to playing as the release of book-like chapters introduce new stories throughout the years.”

Of course, we still got a while before the disc is out in people’s hands. But I can tell you, I’ve played the game, a lot, and it is unbelievably fun. You will not be able to go back to other shooters once you’ve played Destiny.

Here’s the Vi-Doc that Bungie released this morning. It gives me goose bumps to see the first nuggets of the story I’ve been crafting with my co-writers since last spring start to filter out into the world’s imagination. And, yes, I think that is my arm reaching into frame around the 3:30 mark. : )


Here’s some links to some of my favorite press I’ve read so far:

Polygon did a really thorough write-up: here. They also did a really great piece on Bungie as company a couple weeks ago: here.

I’m really happy, as a long time screenwriter, to see the mainstream Hollywood media giving the game positive buzz too.

The Variety article is: here.

And the Hollywood Reporter has a really solid interview with the president of Activsion, our publisher: here.

Concept Art:

A bunch of wonderful art has started to go public too, and I’ll give you as much as I can share without getting in trouble. These are my favorite pieces of what’s been released. Enjoy!

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